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3D geometric parametric modelling, FE analysis and structural verification

mechanical analyses
non-linear finite element analysis
post-critical steel connection analyses
topographic 3D L-scan & data analysis


drawings for approval
shop drawings
welding consultancy
workshop rationalization

Mastropasqua-Zanchin & Associates Structural Engineering offers technical assistance for the approval of construction systems during collaboration between General Contractor and Architect. Their work involves the selection, analysis and submission for approval of the types of construction considered suitable for the design process.

The analysis of technical solutions is usually carried out using 3D graphic models and parameterization of the geometries and structural connections. This involves in-depth study of the problems connected to installation, transport, weldability, interferences and subsequent inspections of the connections. The parameters of the construction geometries created in the models can be adapted, throughout the design process, according to the typical geometric variations of the construction phases and as-built data.

MZA also provides consultancy regarding mechanical analysis of structural joints subject to deterioration or construction problems. The firm examines the ultimate resistance capacity of the joints using finite element analysis developed with a non-linear material model and analyses of the post-critical response phases of connections.

Particular attention is paid to the construction sector of steel connections and large span structures, tall buildings and tensile roof structures.